Vietnam Guild

01/07/19 11:32
Vietnam Guild - The Top 1 Guild with more than 6,3 milllion fans. Bravo & Welcome...
01/07/19 15:43
your not really number 1 guild till you top the guild challenge table!!
02/07/19 10:30
You have the most fans so what
03/07/19 07:33
I used to be obsessed with how many fans I had and thought the more fans the better my guild was then I hate to admit it cos I openly dislike the guy, but Zap of Kingdom of legends actually taught me a very valuable lesson it's not about the size of your fanbase it's about the quality thats within the team.

but fanbase doesnt mean your team is strong my friend , you could just keep playing weakest team on your map and eventually you would max the fanbase out if you built your stadium as well.
08/10/19 17:34
Vietnam are a joke guild just played a GC against beat them 20-?0 not 1 of their teams bothered to play
02/05/20 16:31
Though this thread is old, just wanted to bring up that my guild Pro Bowlers smashed Vietnam before with a decent score lol. It appeared that Vietnam guild indeed has the largest fanbase in the game, but Pro Bowlers had the team quality that Vietnam didn't.

So, Vietnam, it's still a long way to the top....