1 time offers no more

26/07/16 07:33
I don't seem to be getting any '1 time offers' any more, yet some of my guildmates are still getting the offers. Has anyone else noticed their withdrawal?
26/07/16 11:24
I am getting them still. Try restarting the app perhaps?
26/07/16 12:52
Maybe you've bought them all?
26/07/16 13:44
I've only bought one player package and 1 package of heal kits and recruiter coins. I've also restarted the app on both iPad and iPhone but they we not there anymore. I'm not that bothered as I didn't plan to spend £40 real money on either package, but it does seem a bit strange that others are still able if they want whilst I'm not.
26/07/16 14:42
Does indeed.
26/07/16 15:18
If you have tried all that then submit a ticket but, as you are not too bothered.....................
04/08/16 01:37
Same thing has happened to me. My guild mates have the offers, i do not.Disappeared about 2 days ago.
19/08/16 16:55
They've stopped for me as well ........... Oh crap no their still there no matter how hard I ignore them