Guild pairings

22/10/16 04:24
Hello Paraoh Duck from Universitario RC guild . Argentina. Whats the deal with so unbalanced guild challenges?'' We always seem to be paired against guilds with over 20 tournament level. Most of us are between 9 and 19. So it always ends in a 70 star team vs a 103. Slaughter. Takes the fun out of it.
22/10/16 04:37
The guild challenge opponents get selected based on average number of fans. If memory serves it allows for a 35%ish variance between average fans. Unfortunately teams who develop a higher fan base with lower levels will be matched up against higher rated opponents
11/01/17 07:46
Same problem here. Our guild have a about 600k fans and our opponent's of late are well over 1mil. How can this be a fair contest?
11/01/17 10:28
Your player ranking is now also apart of how guild challenges are picked so if you have been playing ranking matches hard out you will end up with tougher challenges, my guild found that out and stopped playing them we are now getting easier challenges we did ask via ticket if player ranking had a effect and we were told yes it does
11/01/17 12:40
Please post that ticket. You are the only one I have heard that from and our gvg does not reflect it. My guess is that the ticket said guild ranking is used, when sublinet says guild ranking they mean guild ranking based on fans
11/01/17 20:35

Try the link bm hope it works
11/01/17 20:54
Ticket doesnt belong to me. Guess I will make my own

Thanks for trying!
11/01/17 20:58
Damm sorry will see if i can try something else
11/01/17 21:21
I submitted a ticket asking if its fan rankings, Individual rankings or some combo
11/01/17 21:27
Ok this is what i asked, are guild challenges still decided on fan level or do the new players ranking now have a effect as well...

The reply i had back was

Good day,

New players ranking now have a effect

Regards the rugby manager 2 support team

Will be interested to see what answer you get back