10 Won't pass

26/04/17 18:18
Since it appears some changes were made at the end of last season my 10 doesn't pass (unless inside when he reaches contact), on my All Out strategy I used to be able to score tries now i'm lucky to get one even against opposition quite a bit below me.

I've tried setting penetration and hand off to zero/ low with no success - all other settings haven't changed at all!

Any help much appreciated!
26/04/17 19:01
Sadly mate nobody seems interested, apart from making excuses ! mt No10 also passes back to forwards, no matter what settings !! these guys have changed everything, and as you said much lower teams now beat you hands down !! no game i have played does lower teams beat better players, and teams, but these guys say its more real ? yeah i often see Germany beating the All Blacks !!! It won't change, untill half the people on here have left, I know of at 20 who have given up due to changes, its so stupid
26/04/17 20:11
Maybe us so called lesser players actually have our strats right it aint all about who can spend the most if you have the wrong strats it doesn't matter how much you guys can keep buying your pack players but if you don't know how to use them it's pretty pointless really you buying them. I've beaten players in the 180 range -200 and i'm about 160 and most go to play me back and yes I don't always win but I sometimes do even when the friendly is reversed on me which then proves my strats are better.
26/04/17 20:23
Ashley, not having a whinge just noticed settings have changed - Any advice on getting the number 10 passing again? Struggling to get an attacking game back and running, OK winning on pens but would rather see it go wide?
26/04/17 20:27
oh me too AB , I've developed my passing game but like you have been having to hope to get lucky with conversions and my 10 does the same unfortunately I've not found a magical method yet but I will keep trying to hopefully oneday and yeah I;ts sad to see top players putting hanging up the boots and soon to be retiring I like challenging top 100 to friendlies. Rucking Broncos is one of my faves I never win but I try to keep the score respectable.