No schedules for the new season

01/02/17 07:20
Two of our guild members do not have any championship series games scheduled. They have opponents, just no schedule. This is in Coalition of Conquerors and the teams are CantWait and Oilers.
01/02/17 07:39
Hi Judd

It has been reported and the guys are working on it.
01/02/17 19:27
The two teams are still without schedules. The rest of us have played one. This appears to be similar to the problem we had two seasons ago. Where we ended up having a scratch on the first game, then a shortened season. Unless of course it is only happening to us. Is it a league-wide problem and will we have a restart to the season?
01/02/17 20:54
I can confirm its not only those two players affected, there's quitena few players that dont have any schedules. What the solution is going to be I cant say yet.
02/02/17 12:01
Any news on when this league fixture problem is going to be fixed? As there is little point playing a game where you can't play any matches
02/02/17 18:15
Sublinet is aware of the problem and it will be fixed ASAP
03/02/17 03:50
Guys at Sublinet,
Please work hard so we can play hard!;)

Thanks for the thread, Top!
03/02/17 19:09
You're welcome, CW! Glad to see Sublinet has solved the problem; thanks for your hard work! Now, maybe a little back-pay for the teams who missed champ games?