Match Bonus Solution

26/05/16 19:26
The match bonus is a part of the game. I haven't used it but don't care when other players do. Anyway, I lost a match today because of it (lost 14-0 then played a friendly and won 21-0, would have been 28-0 but my guy kicked it out as time expired and he was free and clear to score). So I realized it would be nice if I knew ahead of time that my opponent was going to use it.

Why not just give us a heads up? Then we can decide if we want to use it as well. Seems fair to me.

It could work like this - you have until 1 hour before the game starts to use match bonus, then if you do, a message gets sent to the opponent giving him a chance to respond.
26/05/16 20:17
Then it is just becomes a lottery; everyone trying to make sure the MB goes on in the very final second.
26/05/16 20:20
They need to put it down to 5-10%, but at the same cost; whilst limiting GvG opposition to within the parameters of 91-110%, not the current 67-150%...
26/05/16 20:41
The amount of money required to improve your side gets much greater the higher your level. My team is 67 and just to improve 25 costs 3 million. If you arent willing to pay you shouldnt moan!!