Guilds cheating by repeatedly playing each other

02/08/16 14:54
Johnny Moeller :

This is totally unacceptable, no matter how bad you want it justified, this goes against many pvp situations in other games, those doing it, you need to take a good look at your own integrity.

Sorry, but those getting caught by it need to look at their own intelligence. You have 24 hours to get your games in, leaving it to the last minute is just dense - you run the risk of internet connection problems, server issues, losing and not having time for another game, and being outwitted by other teams as here. It always makes sense to play as soon as possible. If you're caught out by this, serves you right IMHO.
02/08/16 20:48
Nothing wrong with our integrity. We play within the rules. I'm grateful to be in an active guild where that tactic can be deployed if necessary. We've played many guilds who have barely played any games at all and it's frustrating. It's not for me to judge the activeness of other guilds. I know we've had one or two close shaves where we literally got the last win in the last few minutes. We agreed to not let it happen again. Just one of those things really!


Chepstow Harlequins
14/08/16 09:35
We ended up winning by the way, so please don't insult another members intelligence like you did, your opinion is so ludicrous. I don't even know how you remain a moderator. The game is not meant to be played like this, every team deserves an equal opportunity to play his or her equal, and petty tactics like this seizes the opportunity to do so. This game has become extremely dull and repetitive, and topping it all off, players with your mentality is surely not helping the cause.
14/08/16 16:18
Lets cut to the chase moderators, the developers are lazy and treat their customers like poo. The game is stagnant yet they do nothing.