77-0 victory in a gvg game.

28/12/16 21:16
For the first time I have managed to score 11 tries in a game. I didn't think this was possible due to the time constraints involved. Has anyone else ever seen this?
The other guy kicked straight to my 13 and there were no passes. The classic losing strategy.
28/12/16 21:25
If you sub with a high rhythm strat you can manage 84 points
28/12/16 21:46
You could hit 200+ if you wallet is deep enough
28/12/16 22:23
I frequently lose 77-0 when I'm throwing the game. Not had an 84-0 loss yet but that's my target

Was it me you played by any chance? If so apologies for winning right after but I wasn't gonna be on later to close out the GvG match like usual
28/12/16 23:29
No it was a Dutch team called R.E.L.

Scoring 12 tries is incredible the way that the game clock counts down.
28/12/16 23:46
If you happen to spot me on the game I threw my first GvG match 0-77 this morning actually. Once your stamina and pace are high enough then 0-77 is pretty common on kick to 13. 0-84 without subs is still a rarity though
31/12/16 10:31
Please educate an uninformed noob... why would you want to throw a gvg match?
31/12/16 11:43
So your guild can play all 50 games and make more money.
31/12/16 13:02
We assign a couple of teams to leave open until the end. This way all teams can make the money from matches and then those teams can be beaten at the end