Changes in 'Play a match'

23/03/17 06:39
This is starting to get ridiculous... I've worked so hard to get my Fans up and then I loose them and more. Why is it that we can only play 5 games but we can be played 10 times or more. It's really giving me a sour taste in my mouth. I've been a member since the early days and yes the game has improved but this needs to change. Should be equal amount of matches. Please sort this out
23/03/17 08:54
It sounds to me like you're trying to maintain a ranking higher than your team and tactics can justify - you wouln't be losing that many games if you were up against teams of a similar standard. I know I've tried to maintain a top 100 position and got battered in terms of results and fans, but have no problems holding a position around 300, where I win most of my away games - that's obviously the natural level for my team. Working too hard to keep your fans up is a doomed strategy if you try to do it at a level above what your team is capable of sustaining. I actually think it's a rather elegant part of the game in that it forces you to concentrate on players and tactics.
29/03/17 10:43
What waspy tiger said.
Drop your ranking and you'll see you get challenged less/can defend more.
04/05/17 01:04
How is ranking calculated?
04/05/17 10:13
Ranking is based on the challenges in "Play a match". You can get quite a high ranking by clever selection of tired opponents that you would not normally beat; the problem is that this sort of team will beat you easily when fit, and push you back down the rankings, also losing fans. If your ranking is equivalent to the true quality of your team, you won't lose more games than you win.

Incidentally, the changes I've made to my strats in the last month mean I can now maintain a position of around 100.