free video doesn t start

30/03/17 11:02
hi. My recruiter points doesn t work. It Goes on searching videos But It never find anything.
what Can i do?
30/03/17 21:04
Submit a ticket.
31/03/17 00:35
sorry but...where?
31/03/17 08:25
Top right hand corner of screen - my tickets
31/03/17 10:19
i have no ticket... what does it mean?
31/03/17 22:04
Top right corner of your forum screen underneath your forum name -
My account / my tickets / log out
Click on "my tickets"
06/04/17 11:26

The video provider does not always have videos available, and that is why you are seeing this message. We are looking into other providers with more videos. In the meanwhile, please just try again later.
19/05/17 16:08
I have the same problem... i submitted 2 tickets, it works 1 time and no more. Please help me,!

24/06/17 07:50
After I watch the video the game freezes so I have close and start the app again only to find out I watched the whole video for nothing cause no recruiting coins where added. Sometimes it does work properly but most of the times it fails.