04/05/17 14:36
Hi Guys,

Just a quick on about the guild standings.

Currently guild standings are made up of fans per guild.

With all the new updates going on as well the guys are leaving there current guilds to make super guilds and climb up the ladder in guild standings with fans.

Honestly I do not think this is fair as there are guilds that have been together for a long time and there Winning Streak so to speak with gc challenges are quit impressive as well.

So my question is this should the guild standing not be determined by gc wins instead of fans?

So we can see who is the cream of the crop so to speak?

Or is there no way that this can be added to the fans maybe in some way to better the guild standings currently.

What do you guys think????
04/05/17 19:22
Mr Hobbit good to see you're still alive!

I like the idea but there's a problem with that, you could have a super strong guild thats newishly formed that will be very low ranked leading to even bigger mismatches in the guild challenges.

My opinion, base it on average ranking then nobody would give a stuff about fans anymore
05/05/17 07:22
Coach how u bud? My kakberry crashed and I lost all numbers as well busy sorting out sim this weekend.

I agree yes but then they can surely take the fans and gc wins into account as well to help sort the standings out better perhaps?

Maybe a 60/40 split or something if possible?
05/05/17 17:22
Interesting...... I personally think that gc wins should have no effect on rankings. Say you manage to round up 25 of the strongest teams in the game and create a guild thats unbeatable but can never be #1 because the guild was started too late.

With that said, who would then want to start new guilds if you know you are 160+ gc's away from the top....?

A balance between fans and ranking sounds much better to me...