Lets be positive

28/08/18 11:51
There are lots of things that we have all collectively complained about and at long last these issues have been addressed and things are looking up for our beloved game.

No more MB - should remove the slider from 50 plus accounts to avoid confussion there.

Better GC matchups. OK this will take a season or so to become truly effective but it should eventually give us meaningful challenges.

Changes to the line out? Not sure there yet. a few glitches at this stage but hopefully it will add some new game play ideas

Best update so far just a pity it was released before it was completely tested, like all of their releases.

i give sweet nitro 8/10 for this one.
28/08/18 13:57
But how are people going to win without mb?
28/08/18 21:12
Heehee. More to the point; how are they going to lose?
Here are the odds for RUmoaners to blame defeats on:

9/10 Was distracted (watching porn).
6/4 Game mechanics.
3/1 Sports gear.
500k/1 Bad strategy
28/08/18 22:42
You forgot:
- “he used subs”...
- the lineout bugs
- “he was lucky”
- “i was drunk” (could also go with the “was distracted”...watching porn while drunk)
- The developers gives an unfair advantage to SA people
- “I was kicking off”
- “You were kicking off” (home advantage)
- “I left my losing strat”
- “I am retiring”
- There s no logic in the game
- ...

Players have still lot of excuses to use
29/08/18 10:13
I thought this was a scrum down, ruck over, drink up reunion for a moment there.
29/08/18 13:54

- The developers gives an unfair advantage to SA people

nothing unfair about that, you saffa's need all the help you can get at rugby
29/08/18 14:10
Haha I read that in the french forum.. lol

I am actually not from SA...
I lost a bet against a teammate in my guild and had to change my flag to SA
But after Argentina’s victory over the springboks couple of days ago, the developers should definitely help all the players with the SA flag
30/08/18 07:26
Black Monks :

But how are people going to win without mb?