Full field sprints

24/05/19 16:55
Guest 1MR4WR :

........I made it because all these forum chats are negative and never anything about SN at least trying to make changes

Maybe they will become positive if they get it right and actually implement changes that are good, reflect the real game and add to players enjoyment rather than cause controversy?

1. Removal of Match Bonus was good.
2. Introducing Match Bonus on the fly i.e. Sports Shop and Gear was bad.
3. Introducing auto-subs I am still undecided if good or bad. After observing it for a while however, I am leaning towards good.
4. Recent changes were ALL bad.
5. Recent changes mid-season compounded the problem. Very bad.
6. Increased injuries to AH only players is extremely bad (a) for players enjoyment of a game and (b) enticing potential future customers to spend money.

I want this game to be as good as it can be but I won't be positive about something I think is negative and detracts from my enjoyment of the game. I had 2 out of my last 4 that I possibly could have won also and been in 3rd instead of 10th. I am not crying about the fact I am 10th as I will either be good enough in the long run or I will not to be top level again and didn't react quickly enough to the changes that were implemented. I am complaining about the gameplay that has resulted from those changes however.
24/05/19 17:05
Every single 1 of those points are valid, I am not just commenting to play devil's advocate or to be a twat, I actually agree with most if not all of what you are saying.
26/05/19 14:15
I played wing on low club lvl,and believe it or not we had a prop called John, he could of sprint me. He couldn't step or had change direction, but if he found some space he belted. Point is we have training points to boost speed, if a prop is maxed on speed, he'll belt. If a 9 is maxed on tackle he'll stop the charging prop. It's just not realistic to have the ball carrier fatigue when the runners around him don't. It's the same distance.
Professional rugby players runs the length of the field many times a match. It is what they do for a living. Over and over again. We have the training system, to boost our players, we don't need you to take our hard earned advantage away. You call it realistic,? Do you understand how unrealistic this is?
26/05/19 20:56
You have totally misunderstood my point, in local club rugby a prop may be twice as fast as a winger that's fair enough and that's up to the club to maybe find a faster winger or put the prop on the wing, the point I was making is players do tire doing a line to line (several YouTube clips if you wish to look) and I did agree with the points the other fella made regarding things still being unrealistic, at least SN are making changes and it would be good to see what other changes are coming to make it "more realistic".

But thanks for your comment
26/05/19 22:56

3. Introducing auto-subs I am still undecided if good or bad. After observing it for a while however, I am leaning towards good.

Nope, single worst change made. But there was huge support for it on the forum, so what do I know?