Visa player prices

15/03/21 09:44
Can someone explain why prices per country vary? Previous replies, confirm Australia is cheaper when taking exchange rates into account.

UK players pay more than others in my view.

Please can every nation advise what they pay for a visa player, the equivalent of £9.99 here in the UK.

If my suspicions are correct, how can this be fair?
15/03/21 14:15
In France a Visa player costs 54,99 €
15/03/21 14:16
In France a Visa player costs 54,99 €
17/03/21 23:26
I think you are just takin the p1ss. Obviously they are cheaper otherwise you would say.

So I am assuming British players paying in pounds sterling for visa players are happy that we pay more than every other nation then?...

I know other countries are paying less so maybe we should all stop paying as a protest until Sub Nitro ensures everyone pays the same price.

Voting with our wallets will guarantee they take action.
22/03/21 07:49
Recruitment Points lol

$15.95 AUS Dollars
22/03/21 07:54
Do the maths, the more a nation spends the higher they pay. The less a nation spends the cheaper it is. Just Business.
24/03/21 12:37
My players if bought through the game are £9.49 but if bought through Facebook can vary by the odd few pence but usually around £8.20 sterling
11/04/21 08:01
Well nobody seems that bothered so will drop it. That Brit stiff upper lip quality shining through.

It is ok then for French players to get a better deal. Or SA players.

Fine.....haha it is just business....

11/04/21 08:30
16.99 in New Zealand