Top Gun

31/05/17 18:51
Hey man good job finding teams somewhat close to your level on the map to challenge and not just take on guys 30 star points below you. Oh wait that's right your scared to play guys close to your level so you have to play competition way below you that's right. Jag offff
20/01/19 01:09
this is funny... the map is fair game... your on my map you get played .. no matter what lev you are...
20/01/19 03:06
If you don't want to be played by higher level teams on the map don't pretend you deserve to be ranked higher than they are ranked
20/01/19 09:54
That would be nice lol. As soon as you got a new rank nobody else is allowed to touch you anymore LOL! I would take out a lev 1, I don't care :). Everyone who's in my way get's a game. It's simple.

BTW: I think you mean star rating? Star rating won't tell ya the truth about any team.
20/01/19 18:00
I think this is an old post but I love the support for my brother TopGun! lol.
20/01/19 18:11
Oh thx lol. Noticed that now
20/01/19 22:06
dont matter how old it is the point is still valid.. seen another post someplace people bitching about people playing them on map games.. just made me lol..... you don't want to play top teams stay in the basement.. cause when i see a chance to get fans I am gonna take it ...

These mean bastards keep stealing mine

29/01/19 04:16
I remember the beatings that the Dynasty used to do to a lot of our teams. I saw it as an opportunity to learn and get better. In fact most every successful guild had people from Dynasty or the Brotherhood in their guild passing on knowledge. Take the opportunity to learn from the higher level teams.
29/01/19 04:29
We don't do that anymore.... unless you really deserve it. =))
29/01/19 04:54
Lol, that went both ways back in the day lol