trai9ng methods???

03/05/18 18:23
which of the three training methods is the most efficient, the 3, 15 or 34 percent, in other words which one is the best to use that produces the most points per each use. I know you get more points with the 34 percent, however is it better to use the 3 percent all the time and you would come out ahead in the long run
03/05/18 22:29
Lets look at this mathmatically....

3%. Takes 30 mins.
15% Takes 2 hours. Thats the equivalent of 4 x 30 minute trains which would only yield 12%.
36% Takes 4 hours. 8 x 30 min trains yields only 24% and 2 x 2 hour trains yields only 30%.

Clearly, the 4 hour train is vastly better. Just use the shorter trains when you have matches coming up or you want to retain high energy levels because of GC commitments.

05/07/18 17:18
You are equating the percentage with training point improvement. It is, in fact, health point reduction. Here’s how this works, there is no skill point advantage to any of the training methods, just how much health you want to burn to get those training points. The four hour block reduces the chance that there will be a gap in your training - you may forget to press the button after the 30 minute or two hour train session. So you minimize your float or downtime. The price you pay is that you lose more health. The higher your recovery % and the higher star bandage you have makes it easier to do the 4 hour train and recover quickly.
06/07/18 02:22
Realy Seriousfun or whateveryournuts is called. You are an idiot. I am not talking about the game. You insulted math.
06/07/18 02:30
Jason, it doesn't look like you are being nice LOL
06/07/18 21:06
LOL. Well his math was solid, but his word problem skills were a bit off.