I want to start a less then 40 tourney

25/01/19 00:38
Looks like right now we have 10 teams with interest can do a 16 team or try for 32
25/01/19 14:22
I set up a 16 team tournament for teams under 45 the code is 2UIAQ
26/01/19 23:18
I wish their was still a spot open if you would have went 32 I know 3-5 guys from my guild would have played also
27/01/19 00:08
I would have went bigger if I would have heard more interest
29/01/19 19:09
Dang none of my guys will make it either. I don't check the forum everyday but we woulda joined I had 4 to 6 teams wanting to play. I vocalized that in the beginning..