TDM Discord - aka where everyone went from the forums...

27/02/19 03:11
We are building a nice community over there, here are some stats:

33 Players and 7 Guilds represented

I have plenty of room for more (although color choices for new guilds is getting slim). so come on over... well, everyone but Don, because *uck Don (we can curse there if you accept the NSFW banner)

See you there. just click the link and sign up. once in announce yourself, let us know your guild and what Adult Beverages you bring to the party!

The Maddogs TDM Discord
27/02/19 12:13
MadDogs is right...
Discord is loads of fun and meeting the Players of the game. No Guild trashing...just having fun.
Join Today

... Z-Nation Militia aka Z...
28/02/19 01:56
Even some Pimps are there! Join and tell us how you hate us!!! LOL

I hate Don
04/03/19 21:42
I hate the changes so bad..... place is starting too look like a ghost town
04/03/19 23:55
You're not the only one Randy. And they aren't done with them.... UGH!
05/03/19 12:48
It's got decent Teams playing down for GC Wins and playing Back to Back Games so they get THIER wins...such a Joke!

... Z ...
05/04/19 15:19
24/04/19 01:18
06/05/19 04:12
07/05/19 14:39

Hey, I like humping things better.