FRIENDS is about to Implode :(

12/12/17 09:50
Many are leaving FRIENDS, and all those who I was loyal to have gone or are going. Maybe I should look for a new guild too once our pending GC is over?

It was good to play with you guys, all good things come to an end.

Maybe we'll meet up in a new guild in the future.


AFC Millwall

12/12/17 10:12
Hi John , looks like world elite will have a space come Wednesday only one but Musoda has become inactive rest are active. So if you would like an invite let me know you'll be first on my list of invites
12/12/17 21:13
13/12/17 12:47
Guild match finishes in 7 hours
13/12/17 17:25
Ok john I've just sent you an invite up to you if you join no worries if you don't hope all is ok in friends guild