Is this the ultimate insult

03/07/18 11:42
I have just got on here to find no matter if I finish top or bottom this season I go up 14 levels so this season is pointless then.

But if that is not bad enough 3 other teams in my guild will be promoted 19, 20 & 33 levels so everything I have done to be much higher than them over a couple of years has been massively reduced because they cheat nitro has screwed up & is running out of teams at the top.

This lot have got it badly wrong before but this is their most stupid idea yet
03/07/18 11:46
I agree, Iam a lower level team and enjoying learning the game at that level. I have a top rugby team and being a learner appealed to me. What will happen to my buildings, I will have no cash to compete. A rubbish change and I give up and become a dead team at a high level, how does this help?
03/07/18 11:52
im a level 40 team but will be promoted to 65 and i have players over 160 rated so it can be hard but have to accept it
03/07/18 12:12
I hope everybody who has spent to get higher only to now see others catch them up for nothing ask for their money back after all they now spent it for nothing.
03/07/18 12:21
Gregory Ishii (Paris Saint-Germain) :

im a level 40 team but will be promoted to 65 and i have players over 160 rated so it can be hard but have to accept it

Not your fault sure but you will go from being 15 levels behind me to only 4. at best it would take you 8 seasons to do that & only then If I went all 8 without going up in reality it should take you years to close on me like that.

With promotion & no relegation because that would not bring the money in as I have said before it will hit the fan at some point the whole idea was badly thought out common sense alone tells you that in the end there will only be a couple of teams in the top level they should have thought of this from the start & put in a premier level along with relegation to keep the whole thing stable
03/07/18 13:53
What I don't understand is what is going to happen with my city? It will not be able to support the increase in players star level. I will have to run my morale down to 0 makes no sense at all. Can we decline the increase?
03/07/18 14:03
The only + I see is everyone's gunna be able to see better quality players but I'd rather work for my promotions than cheat my way to them. This only favours pack players ànd will send more teams to retirement home. I'm a good player myself but i won't compete at 4 levels from the top for me they should consult with those who still play before ruining the game anymore
03/07/18 14:08

ticket time me thinks it enough get sent surely things will get re thought
03/07/18 18:43
The more I think about it the more I can see wrong with it as you go up the better players you get access to so as they are mainly putting 4 levels into one those who go up the most are going to have the lesser teams & just become the whipping boys.

They may have just spent like I have a season or two rebuilding the squad & are about to reap the rewards only now to be back where they were before all the work they have done to rebuild IE I am currently top by two points already having beat the one team I thought would be a real challenge & now would expect to win the league but whats the point now I may as well finish bottom & as I am in the second lowest level to make up the level next season rather than be at least a challenger for double promotion I am most likely to end up in the bottom half of the league with just a one level promotion. So everything I have been building up over the last 4-6 weeks was a total waste of time.

I also notice they wait until masses of sports shop items have been sold at silly prices now anybody who has been buying from there has just thrown the money down the pan as it will not help them reach a higher level after all.

Well done Cheat Nitro you have got things wrong in the past but this one is by far the worst had there been a fixed top level from the start & promotion & relegation this would never have happened it only needed a little common sense to see at some point there would only be a very few teams at the top level only a total moron would not see that at some point that would happen
03/07/18 18:46
Ashley Longthorn :

ticket time me thinks it enough get sent surely things will get re thought

I doubt they will stop it now it had to happen at some point because of the way its set up . At best you will get 50 gold balls & then so will everybody else so it makes getting them pretty pointless but all the same I hope they do get flooded with complaints over this