Promotion screw up

31/12/18 11:10
Some in my guild paid for promotion up an extra level & have not got it

Any of you or your guild members had the same?

It could be an idea to mention this on the guild chat just to see if anybody has had the same & not yet noticed.

If so I would advise them to ask for an immediate refund after all they failed to provide the service so should give back the money no doubt they will offer to do it next season but that leaves them sitting on the money personally I would not have that even if I intended to buy my way up again that's just taking to pee & avoid parting with the cash
02/01/19 11:24
I put in a ticket straight away asking for my money back no reply
03/01/19 00:10
no suprises there then you'd be more likely to get a response from a brickwall than nitro and even if you do Itll be something really stupid denying all knowledge of it like


can you tell us when you made the purchase?

we will investigate this

then you wont hear from them in the hope you forget but if you msg them again they'll probs screw your team over good and proper happened to me where they decided to move my goalkeeper off his line after I put a ticket in of course they denied all knowledge of any wrongdoing but the timing was suspcuously odd cosndiering I was topping my league at the time and then halfway through the season couldn't win against players 5 levels lower than me all im saying is launch a ticket and watch your team go down the pan and watch out for any sneaky dirty tricks they do with the base of your formation i've had mine messed with 3 times and had several strats deleted that I;ve recreated all of which seem to occur a few hrs after I send tickets , So now I don't send tickets to them cos they'll screw my team up and I certainly don't mention the other accounts I have because they'd probs mess with them as well.
03/01/19 15:56
Got a reply saying it was done on the 13th total bollocks I did not pay for it until the 27th so unless they have a crystal ball & gave it me early its Bullshit & if they dont sort it then I quit & unlike you I will never return so thats a source of money down the pan for them
03/01/19 17:30
I may have retired and returned but other than 1 small payment when the game was decent a few yr back I aint funded them a penny since . I think the reason they screw me over tho is because they always ask me to rate their responses per ticket I send and if it's not sorted they get no higher than a 3 and i've given 1 out of 5 before today lol.

anyway if you do retire enjoy it. As for nitro they deserve whats happening.
03/01/19 23:44
Two have had the same response there is obviously more than one Brit administrator get the wrong one & you will just get some B S answer as he obviously cant be bothered to do the job.

About time somebody who will replaced him
04/01/19 13:04

You got a reply yet?

One of ours has he was level 74 last season he finished 4th so should go up to level 75 plus he paid for a league pack so that puts him up another level so he should therefore go to level 76 (ANYBODY DISAGREE WITH THAT??) he is at level 75 & they say he got the promotion from the league pack.

Now OK I'm 60 & a lot of things have changed since I went to school but as far as I know 74+1+1=76 remains the same now as it was then.

All I can say is good luck to you unless its me (oh hell could I be getting that bad) then you are dealing with a moron
04/01/19 14:17
Reply from them

There were two purchases on December 27 (1 league pack and 1 recruiter pack).
the league pack worked correctly.

The Football Champions 2 support team

My reply

I take it recruiter pack is the one which gives you an extra player so that we agree on & the League pack is the one that puts you up an extra level.

Last season I was at Level 72 & I finished 7th therefore I go up 1 level so that puts me up to level 73 so then add the League pack that puts me up a second level as so therefore I should now be at level 74 but I am at level 73 so somewhere something went wrong now do you see what I'm getting at

Their latest reply

Good day,

I described you in my previous answer.
Watch your successes to understand.

The Football Champions 2 support team

So does that mean the promotion I paid for will be applied at the end of this season
04/01/19 23:33
That I guess means they have screwed up but wont admit it so you get it next season to cover their butts.

Not sure about our guys nobody has said anything
05/01/19 20:45
Nitro have never ever replied to my tickets for nearly 2 months (if not already), Ashley is not the only one who suffered team messings from them, they changed my player strats and played around with other functions, and it took me some good time to get things back running to normal. I might as well just stop relying on the “s*pport” ticket because they’re such useless piece of s**ts who think they can treat us like that, and when we say stuff back then they’ll start wimping and either ban us or screw our teams. What i suggest is stop using money on pack items for a while and see what’ll happen to Nitro later