Level 27 Buildings...

04/02/19 12:53
But they can't fix the other stuff!!
04/02/19 14:13
15 buildings done instantly with the money & gold balls I had saved up
04/02/19 19:34
Don't see the point in upgrading 15 buildings instant cos you'll just have nothing to upgrade for months on end Im gunna drag this out cos you know if you upgrade with GB you'll only have to wait at least another 6-12 months probably for them to do another update
05/02/19 15:09
Just brings the money back quicker & with strat etc updated should give me a bit of an edge for a couple of seasons.

Also beware of that not being able to get back enough money to break the bank I'm waiting on a sports shop bid to see if its as stated or its badly worded which would not surprise me & you will find you only get refunded whatever to make it up to the max & lose the rest if so you will need to use it or lose it.
07/02/19 09:01
I refuse to give them GB yes It's quicker to upgrade but if they're gunna rob me of cash and then deny taking my money well two can play this game, I wont give them there gb back that I won from tournies by spending it on upgrades.
08/02/19 17:49
I see your point but I had more gold balls than I know what to do with & even now have a more than I should need stock so I just used them rather than just let them sit there.