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21/02/19 17:48
Jem likes America :

Yeah, the friendly formation isn't going to work. First thing I thought of doing is assign my lose formation to it and that has been done. Many others in my guild have done this as well, and soon everyone will do it. This will COMPLETELY eliminate friendlies from the game which seems like it would drive people away as if you can't even play a friendly anymore, then there is literally nothing to do. I will continue to leave my lose folder assigned to just friendlies. Feel free to to challenge me if you want the epic lose vs. lose game throwdown!!

LMAO Jem I dont assign my loss strat on I just create false formations that to the eye look legit but will have a silly action input to deliberately loose my favourite one to do is putting any number other than 1 as goalkeeper
22/02/19 09:22
Ashley I think most would spot that
22/02/19 15:51
Anybody found where & how to do the in match subs?
23/02/19 10:24
djhonthemaster :

Anybody found where & how to do the in match subs?

Strat then advanced then settings & scroll right down to the bottom

As norm nothing to tell you that More info should be given
23/02/19 10:26
I'm with DJ Ashley I'm pretty sure I would notice #1 as an outfield player