Scheduling championship matches???

12/10/15 12:00
How do I schedule championship matches? Everyone else in my league has played games and has games upcoming in their schedules, but I have nothing. I can play friendly matches against them, or when I click match can play a one off match against random opponents. But not the people in my championship. Any hints on what I might be doing wrong?
I can also play in tournaments, just not championship
12/10/15 22:48
I also have the same problem anyone have the answer?
13/10/15 10:52
A new championship will start in 2 days, you will be in a league then.
17/01/16 08:32
My championship games use to start in the day or evining and now start at 1am in the morning this is ussaly when asleep. Is this possible to change.

02/07/18 12:40
I see that there are various times league matches are played.

Question: How do you change leagues to play at a different time?

My issue is I am moving to a different time zone and I don't want my games being played at 3am when I have no chance to be online.
02/07/18 13:40
the times are based upon what level you are, with top level games starting 9am paris time, and then games getting later and later until the game reaches lvl1 championships
02/07/18 13:45
To add to that when I was retired there was one ship I was put in that would have been four from top league at the time, everyone in the ship was inactive, and for some reason it started at 1pm Paris time. I think this is an extreme outlier though
02/07/18 14:51
it was while ago now as i'm level 68 but I think my games have always started at 10/11 am Paris time. Oh well if it's not possible to change, it isn't I'll just live with it I guess.
03/07/18 09:50
Yeh not possible, sorry bud, we had a guy move from UK to USA and he wrote a ticket asking as there are leagues that play later in the day, could he move. The answer was no with next to no explanation. Though I tend to agree with Targaryen, the later matches are lower level. My B's play at 3:00pm gmt, theyre level 36. They started at about 4:00 as I recall and are working their way towards the big boys in time with every double promo.