06/09/17 01:16
What percentage should your spacing​ be at In stragity is higher percentage better or Lower
06/09/17 01:21
It all depends on you ability to pass, ability to catch and your opponents settings (among a few other things). In general you want you defense spacing to match their attack spacing and you want your attack spacing to not match their defensive spacing. That way you are in position to tackle and they are not. There are more nuances beyond that but you would need to join a guild to learn some of the 'secret sauce' so to speak
06/09/17 01:47
How do I know my opponents attack spacing or there defense spacing is there a way to find out
06/09/17 02:33
Within the match. The longer you play the game the better you get. You can also look at their schedule and see what there spacing has been but many people will change their spacing each match or between matches to keep it varied.