To the Veteran Players

18/02/19 12:52
I see there is more talk of who is #1 than who is on the Rise since I have returned to the game. Be honest with yourself and look around TDM... it's slowly Dying out. The loyal vets are retiring and new players are not interested in the game like a few years ago so....

Challenge: As Veteran Players of this Game let's do all we can to help the New Players, take them into our Guilds and show them the way, give them goals instead of shunning them because they are Not Power Teams to help your Guilds.

I know a lot of us have Training Guilds, so search for the Raw New Players or we will continue to slap each other around until we all have retired.

It's a fun game when there are many more Players and Guilds battling it out. There are Way Too Many Dead or Half Dead Guilds out there.

My Goal is Now to Build for the Future of the Game, not my Ego and trying to take down whoever is #1.

Challenge is.... Recruit, Train and Help the NEW PLAYERS (not our alts)

Z-Nation Militia aka Z
18/02/19 13:05
If any New Players have read this join Empire: New Blood or another Training Guild. Learn before you build your Own Guild.

Attention Barney: this is what I wanted to talk to you about. Not building a Power Guild but a Real Training Guild. You have helped me a lot and I would have quit long ago if it wasn't for you. Thank you for that... I would like your help in this... Haunted Palace and Empire aside... This is for the Game

... Z ...
18/02/19 18:28
I run 3 hour classes on how to build playbooks and settings so on all the time...

I'm trying...

not as many as you would think have the desire to learn as they once did.. way back when i did that class i would heve like 6-7 people... now maybe i get 2 but most of the time it's 1 on 1
18/02/19 18:49
Completely understand... I use to do Zchool House Rock. Daily Mail on the game and how to maximize thier Teams.

Awesome btw Randy...good to hear
... Z ...
18/02/19 19:00
I think we will come to a point were we have to merge at least our training guilds. Not now but time will tell
18/02/19 19:13
Sad but True Brother
... Z ...
18/02/19 19:33
Z have you reactivated your Facebook account? Would be nice to talk to you within the next days
18/02/19 19:50
I'll send you a request
... Z ...
19/02/19 00:38
We are always willing to help new players turn into beasts in Fast Risers, and always can set them on the right path to do so. We hope to train new blood into a future Pimp =) And we also will never "shun" a team for being new or younger. We all started at sometime and the climb up is fun if you can find the right guild to help.
19/02/19 01:04
Exactly Jammin.... Let's get these New Ones trained to kick ass!!
... Z ...