RE: Level 25

28/09/17 10:55
Seriously!!!... No new graphics for the builds..... the developers must be coining it in... at least every other level? (Sad I know but being a Graphic Designer It means something lol)

AFC Millwall (Friends)
29/09/17 15:26
rather than new levels all the time i know this 1's been a while why don't they improve the game as players requested instead of just tweaking it all the time the offside rule is another step in the right direction but the whole way the game is played. And when they do updates give us warning 1st ans wait properly till the season finish and in the few days in between the seasons let us get use to it.Also player transfer why not use cash as well to bid for players!
29/09/17 17:11
With regards to this update.. anybody notice that there is no offside rule?

Gameplay looks the same to me..
30/09/17 00:41
If your players are "teleporting" the offside rule is working.
02/10/17 10:51
I have yet to see an offside given in any match I have played & I have changed nothing
02/10/17 10:53
If you bring cash into the TM as well it should only be done by buying recruiter points otherwise it will make things difficult