How high does the championship levels go?

17/06/16 19:17
Hey we are in a guild challenge and there leader was level 21? I thought 20 was the highest how high does it go?
17/06/16 19:25
You already asked this and I replied. Anyways here goes again:
The championship level goes up by one every season. As there is no relegation the championship levels need to grow otherwise you'll end up with everybody on championship level 20. Top 9 players in the level 21 championship will get promoted to level 22 next season and so on and so on
17/06/16 23:37
I wouldn't want to be a new player starting out now then - you'd never get to the top level, well without playing for a year or two... Must be quite demotivating once they realise...
18/06/16 10:26
It's not impossible, I managed to catch up from 7 levels behind
18/06/16 10:52
Indeed it is possible. I would've thought it would be a far more interesting challenge, rather than offputting, but I guess that depends on the individual.
19/06/16 02:26
i jumped 2 levels at a time till now since level i`m level 13 and if i keep this pace i might catch up in about 4 month or 8 seasons