Scrum down ruck over

07/02/17 23:53
Prepared to share why you've split up?
Understand if you don't want to but does seem a shame.
Always seemed the most committed guild in the game.
12/02/17 19:45
Sadly it all revolved around a discussion about a reddit forum and some admins (not this one as you know this is not reddit). Half of the guild thought the moderators were acting like authoritarian fascists and the other half was offended by that classification. They thought authoritarian communists was a more appropriate classification. So we had to move our separate ways.
12/02/17 20:28
Okay thanks BM, seems a shame as I said. Hopefully political moderation will come back into fashion before it's too late
12/02/17 20:32
I know, it was a forum about cats and dogs and just broke down viciously
13/02/17 00:08
By the way, what ever happened to Croxton?? He seemed really enthusiastic but has disappeared... retired?
13/02/17 00:10
13/02/17 00:29
Really? How come? He seemed really excited to make it to the top league...
13/02/17 03:01
I honestly don't know the whole of it, but I know he isn't alone having put a lot of time thinking of hanging up the boots. The game doesn't change and some of the fun that is possible gets stifled.