kicking the ball out on the full or dead

05/06/17 11:15
Here is my suggestion, I feel like if a team continuously kick the ball out behind the "dead ball" line should be penalized or a player should get a red card. We need to be able to control our teams kicking. This aimless kicking is BS.

There is no flow in the game now, If I play a team that buys players, he scrums me over and I lose all the ball.
Please guys can we look into this.

Should be fair to some extent.
05/06/17 12:18
There are strategy settings to control your kicking. Have a play.

As to red cards for kicking too far, that would be a complete disconnect with real rugby and I can't see any reason for it personally.
05/06/17 14:12
Isn't the penalty for kicking it out the ensuing scrum? Seems like a huge advantage. I kick it out all the time but it's because I'm figuring it out still, my punishment for my laziness is scrums in my half of the field.
05/06/17 17:17
I think the complaint is more related to having weaker scrumagging stats than an opponent and you keep losing possession. Only solution is to up your scrumagging stats and if you are playing higher level opponents you can...well figure it out
05/06/17 17:41
Oh, yeah the scrum stats went from close to worthless to quite important. As a prop I love those changes.
05/06/17 21:43
We should also red card my stupid player who keeps on eating all the oranges at half time!!!
05/06/17 22:17
Sorry about that, once again, I'm a prop