BMRS Agincourt edition

07/06/17 00:05
To quote a famous american, the British are coming the British are coming. In this week's edition we have an honorable mention due to scoring the highest point total possible without qualifying (minimum 3 teams in top 100) and a special welcome to the top 10 for bad mother ruckers who have a 3rd team in the top 100 after having one member hold the top 10 regularly on their own, rucking broncos please confirm you see this post.
1. Brothers in arms
2. Phoenix
3. Le cagnannaise
4. Hellfire Jager bombs
5. Flying fijians
6. Morfalous
7. Bad Mother Ruckers
8. Aussie all stars
9. Terranova
10. Arena of Champions

Honorable mention:. Blindsided of Champions who would have been 8th place.
07/06/17 00:59
Great work Monks
07/06/17 05:55
Thanks Black Monks
13/06/17 11:39
Thanks for this Monks, great to see the guild up there. Some more boys climbing the ranks so hopefully more to come!
14/06/17 03:16
Could we have a Seniors table please?

Us members of The Old Folks Home keep getting into into the Top 100 but we forget why we got there!

We struggle to keep up with you "youngsters" at our age