11/09/17 15:49
I don't know if flammes or any of their mates are on here, but I am doing friendlies against him to improve my strat not as a statement of him doing something wrong. Flammes wooped me fair and square and I'm trying to improve. Thanks.
11/09/17 15:57
I just wish I could use subs during champ matches, huge disadvantage to all the Americas, shame since there used to be a huge Argentina group on here not too terribly ling ago. Nice sub pattern and strats flammes
11/09/17 18:28
That's true, i dont know how i managed to beat him regarding possession rate. I scored on 3 interceptions, but those long passes was nuts
11/09/17 20:32
Sounds like you are winning the battle against RM addiction BM if you can't put a shift in during the night. Many in Europe will put a shift in for a tournament or to strike in a GvG during the early hours of the morning.