Dirty Ruckers looking to merge with another team

05/05/18 20:29
Hi all, we are a good active guild with 12 players ranging from 190- 330. Because of the recent guild minimum number requirement we are looking to merge with a similar sized guild (12-13)
Please search for Dirty Ruckers, you would be most welcome.
06/05/18 00:18
We're your guild mate, ifc sparring, I have b team there Ive invited everyone from yours, we have more wins to our name so merge our way, all rh and leaders keep their status. And have space in main guild if one of you wants in. Can't say fairer than that. Would be a strong merger and you'd be our feeder. Currently rank 9 with 24.
06/05/18 00:21
We have 3 new that are untested as yet who could go but all the rest would be to main guild standards if higher level. They allways play gc, we got WhatsApp and face book, two of each, blah blah, we are shit hot, let's align.
06/05/18 07:42
Thanks mate, it sounds like a good merger. Let me check with the lads . David ( munster)
06/05/18 09:54
This would be a quality hook up. Good work boys.
06/05/18 12:57
We had one leave this morning, so if either aces or wanderers wants to come up to the main guild (International Fight Club) and the rest would fit in ifc sparring which could be changed to dirty sparring? Got a ring to it i think. That would work or if you want to stay together i can prune one out of ifc sparring and you'd all fit. Your call.
Invites sent anyway.
06/05/18 12:59
If there is not enough space for all of your guild in the merger we have three spots open.
if Carlsberg Did Guilds [ICDG]

06/05/18 13:23
Hopefully wanderers will come to the main guild and all will then fit.
Would happily have aces in main to, but as he's the leader I'd understand him wanting to stay with his pack, which I fully get as I'm a leader in both.
But cheers for the thought mate.
06/05/18 13:28
Tbf munster looks good too and set for a double. If he came up we'd have a Irish man, Welsh man, Scots man and several English men, we just need a bar to walk into and the jokes can roll out, lol.
06/05/18 13:33
Just spotted you have seven leaders, was it that way last night? I was blind drunk tbf.