Patch 7.11

13/02/19 13:22
What just happened?

No notes, but the Championship rewards have gone sky high - careful you don't lose money tomorrow if your bank balance is high when they pay out!

And you can no longer see your opponents player strats.

Another kn0bfest from Sweat Nurdo?
13/02/19 13:40
Notice that the quality of players that were at auction before this update has not changed. Major issue if you had put players to auction, or bid on them? What they heck is going on?
13/02/19 14:10
Player stats just jumped by 200points so cant use training points to upgrade. For those that haven’t logged on there is a massive disparity. Going to seriously affect last league games today!!!
13/02/19 14:39
Lazy Bast**ds here from The Barbarians, I'm wondering what on earth is happening to people's teams? Today I started normally, my rating was 415 then an hour or so later, I went up to 744 and now I'm at 275 with some player's which I've bought with real cash are now rated lower than 100. Is this going to be resolved?
13/02/19 14:57
Seems like it was a glitch, from teams levelling up, but the star rating increase was applied to ALL teams. Mine has now set back to what it was.
Give the Devs a bit of time, hopefully it will get sorted.
13/02/19 16:37
How does one go from level 7 to level 36 and expect to compete when you have minimum points that arent enough to max out a level 7 player let alone a level 36 player? Secondly you still have noob buildings which arent event good enough for any competition where you can expect to make enough money for any sort of challenge? If you decided to bump up noob players from 7 to 36 then why didnt you upgrade buildings for us as well?
13/02/19 17:33
Hi all

What is going on here?
I was level 32 and now I am moving up by 10 levels to 42 (my players by the way are only moving up by 40 points which is only 8 championship not 10). I am finishing 2nd of my championship which means that I will move up to lvl 45.... with players lvl 40

it will take me at least 3 seasons now to catch up ... if I do not simply give up playing

What is the purpose of all this? make us buy players ????

Oh, and thanks for the notice, always great to learn that now instead of at the middle of the season where I could have spared some points for my players

What about the championship rewards? My banks can not even stock the 52M that I am supposed to get? is it going to get wasted ???
13/02/19 18:11
Please bare with us while we get it right

don't worry about your 52m it wont be wasted.

Building have been talked about, will see improvements tonight
13/02/19 19:00
thanks Sean,

The more I am thinking about it the more I think that I am going to lose much more than gain anything out of this: jumping 13 levels, my players will not be at the level, my buildings not at the level, my bank capacity not at the level, I will not be able to afford MB as a result of this.... so not able to compete in any way ...

13 championship, that is a headstart of 3 to 6 months... imagine all that I could have built growing by one or 2 level per championship

Why if Sublinet badly wants us to grow (obviously because the bigger in size the bigger spender), don't they give us at least the same increase in players, buildings, etc ???

I have really grown fast in that game having a fast and agressive tactic, but really skipping 13 lvls when my players are going up only with 40 miserable points, I will be a sh.ty player then, and for a long while, how else could it be with at least 25 points behind ?

13/02/19 19:35
Sean Case :

Please bare with us while we get it right

don't worry about your 52m it wont be wasted.

Building have been talked about, will see improvements tonight

Sean, we've been bearing with SN's amateur management skills for far too long. No vision, no value for their customers, no idea, no hope. Everyone knows that communication is the key to successful development and change. These guys say nothing, make game wrecking changes and then sit back in silence whilst we all stew on the forum. Many long standing players have left in recent months and more are going to follow them through the door after this. Will they even realise when we've all gone? My bags are out and will be packed toute suite if this is not fully resolved tonight.