Guild challenges

04/02/17 18:45
How are guild challenges picked because they certainly aren't fair match ups we are a new guild with 10 lvl 3 teams, 2 lvl 6 and 1 lvl 9 just joined we have just been match against a well established guild with teams ranging from lvl 12 down to lvl 6, there is no way even with full mb that we would have a chance of even getting a draw, this seems to be the norm as it's the second time it has happened in as many challenges, there is no insentive for new guilds to challenges as there is little point no wonder so many guilds give up. If you want this game to keep growing and encourage new teams to play you need to make the GC' s fairer I'm fed up of being cannon fodder for higher lvl teams who are only better because they have been playing longer than me, the way it stands it will just make the gap bigger as all the RP's go to the high lvl guilds leaving the new low lvl guild struggling to gain enough RP's to buy better players.

It's a total farce sort it out
05/02/17 08:24
Think about it this way: how many new players actually spend enough time playing to build up their guild hall and join guilds? How many low level guilds are there? How many of those actually click the challenge button regularly?

It's not Sublinet's fault, there's just no fair opponent to match you with.
05/02/17 09:33
You cans also look it this way:

Because you are getting tougher opponents your guild earns more money because the play more games. This means you can grow faster. You also get extra training points for the guild because you play more games.

Every cloud has a silver lining so use that to your advantage
05/02/17 11:37
That's crap the most important thing in the game is the RP's to be able to buy better players and as it stands all the RP's are going to the higher guilds as they are being given easy match ups in GC's there needs to be a fairer system of matching GC opponents
05/02/17 11:45
There are 105 ranking positions between us your not telling me that there aren't other guilds closer to our own ranking that we could have been matched against
05/02/17 15:42
You want to bitch and complain about a free game that is given to you? Then LEAVE. Otherwise, be freaking thankful for what you have
06/02/17 14:48
Topical attitude of a high lvl player who's gaining from these unfair GC match ups
06/02/17 17:16
Tell that to the CPU that matches runs the GC. Or go to france, find sublinet and tell them your not happy.
06/02/17 17:37
protest... seems to be the new cool thing to do...


06/02/17 20:23
This is one of those things that I have absolutely no control over, and those things that I have absolutely no control over I just let it go (since I have no control over it).

Perhaps I'm just one of those "entitled high level players", or I just accept everything as it is. Sure, I wondered why it took over 48 hours for us to get in a guild challenge from when I pushed the button, and sure...I was (and perhaps still a little) miffed with this scheduling snafu. It would be much better and fairer if we all played the same teams once, but the unbalanced schedule means I don't play the teams that are respectively ranked 12, 13, and 14 in my championship so how is that fair (in addition to the games being play at 1:40 AM for me)?

But, when it's all said and done it's not a big deal. I run into enough brick walls on the map playing games with 15 minutes left in the day before our map challenges reset just for the sake of playing all 5 of my games. I obviously can't beat a number of these teams I play, but so what? I would rather get waxed and get that small XP bonus than just let them rot away and not use them. And, I've found I can actually hang with (and beat) a few guys that a week ago I was unable to. I had no idea.

But, you just go out there and control what you can. Which is buying guys in the AH, building the team, and competing with your own realistic goals. Reading all the guild slogans, they all want to be the "number 1 guild in the game!!!", but is that realistic? So, just focus on your team, your playbook, your auction house, and let what comes to you come on in. This is something you can't control, so don't get too worked up about it.

If that all fails, and you're just the man at the game, then challenge me in a friendly and I'll check you out and invite you to PRO BOWLERS. Then all these other problems will just go away for you.