PROPOSAL. Low ranking guild leaders? Check in here.

05/07/19 22:29
Hey guys, 49ers™ here from Alpha Omega. We're a top 30 guild and we're kicking around an idea, thought I'd share and see if anyone is interested. We were discussing creating a 2nd guild as a training guild for ours, we like to keep 24 teams at all times and recruit the 25th, at 25 we all get together and kick the lowest member. We've reached a point where we have no "dead" teams and alot of the guys that have left recently were solid teams with alot of potential. We were wondering if thier were any low level guilds, that are stagnant and not growing in rank, that would be interested in letting their guild become our training guild. We can make our own but it would be nice to GC right away. This guild would have to be willing to let one of our top guys in as leader/change guild name (I know that's a tough one) but in return we would; send teams we release into this guild for further progression and training, recruit talent into the guild and progress those teams, progress teams that are already in your guild to high level players, We would share our knowledge/strategy and playbooks with everyone involved. The current members would have a fast track into Alpha Omega, and overall would help your guild by letting some great guys in to share the games nuances with. If anyone is interested please let us know! It would be good for all parties involved, it's incredibly difficult bringing a guild up through the ranks, it takes a lot of time effort and sacrifice, and this would definitely help. I know from experience. Thanks guys. - 49ers™
06/07/19 19:27
You could be my training guild for bout that action