Football Champions Classic (International)


How to choose the ideal strategy?

Each strategy gets a bonus over another:

- 3-5-2 gets a bonus over 4-4-2
- 4-4-2 gets a bonus over 4-3-3
- 4-3-3 gets a bonus over 5-4-1
- 5-4-1 gets a bonus over 3-5-2

Try and see which strategy your opponent prefers to get the bonus.

How does the percentage (%) work?

The percentage represents the player's possible performance in the current position. The higher the value, the better the player will perform in the current position.

Swap players around and use the position's profile as a guide to select the best player for the position.

Why are my sidelines disabled?

When sidelines are injured, depressed or under paid they refuse to train or play matches.

Check the "Injured players" page in the "Training" section as well as the "Player salaries" page in the "Team management" section to make sure that your players are in good shape and properly paid.

Why are there 3 line-ups?

There are 3 line-ups:

- Main line-up
This line-up is always used in the first half of the match.

- Line-up when struggling
This line-up is used in the second half of the match if your team is score is against your team or a draw. If you did not define this line-up, the main line-up will be used.

- Line-up when leading
This line-up is used in the second half of the match if your team is winning. If you did not define this line-up, the main line-up will be used.

Why is part of a player's ability bars grayed?

The importance of each ability depends on your team's strategy and the player's position on the field. You can see each position's "profile" on the strategy page.

If a player does not have the right profile for his current position, certain of his abilities might be higher than the required values. In this case, the exceeding part is grayed to show that it does not improve his performance in the current position.

What is aggressiveness for?

Increasing aggressiveness makes your players perform better and can help you win an important match.

However, there drawbacks, your players will lose a lot more energy than normal and may commit fouls (it's just about certain at the highest value).

What is the attitude and weather for?

If you select the attitude that corresponds with the weather indicator, you will get a 5% bonus during the match.

How should i choose my captain?

Your captain will increase your whole team's performance depending on his own abilities. The effect is proportional to the captain's intelligence.

Can I schedule replacements?

Yes, select the "Injuries and fouls" tab to define a replacement for each player. The player will be replaced if his energy drops below the threshold or is suspended.

What are the little bars under a position for?

They represent the position's "profile", the required proportions between abilities to perform optimally in this position.

How does the defense and attack cursor influence strategy?

In neutral position, your team will play normally. In attack position, your team's attack will be favored and your defense slightly diminished . In defense position, your team's attack will be slightly weaker but your defense will be better.