Self proclaimed Legends......

03/09/17 16:21
OMG... Black Monks is on here alllllll the time must be difficult also running for president... For... I want say America as you discount everything I say... Shook I'm guessing Nigeria... U buddie have been found out!!
03/09/17 16:24
Sorry - want should be won't and Shook should be sooooo ruddy phone lol
03/09/17 16:29
This is hilarious, you just made me $10. I bet my buddy that the next thing you would write would be something to do with trump! I love this, I'm not american but I'm so american I'm trump! You are a walking talking contradiction.
03/09/17 16:31
Also, is that a defamatory remark about Nigeria? We don't talk bad about countries on here, it's an automatic ban, please refrain from such behavior. Banter is allowed, your statements are in direct violation of the forum rules as stated by carshalton, colstons and waspy. I believe the precedent that has been established is that you have 24 hours to apologize or you will be banned for a week. Isn't that what has been stated mods? Thanks
03/09/17 16:39
OMG!!!!!! This guy gets dirty... No way was that a defamatory remark about Nigeria...
03/09/17 16:42
Coming from a guy where the moderators warned him again and again for his own behaviour... What a Joke.. Get dirty hey buddie...
03/09/17 16:43
I also wrote nothing about Trump... your not right son - bye bye.
03/09/17 17:03
Your Fijian friend confirms you were clearly and obviously referring to trump and I get his 10 I'm going to go and buy a pack player with that 10 bucks so I can catch up with all the pack players your favorite guikd has. Bwahahahahahahaha
03/09/17 18:35
Mooners is still a 'Rat' and a 'Moron'.. words the Internet troll called me
03/09/17 18:47
I love when a bully tries to say he isn't a bully but can't change his tone. Good on ya mate