Btotem screen.

16/04/16 00:46
Ok not sure if others have thus problem but when allocating skill points manually in training I've push intensive training a few times when it's been in the background. Is there anyway the back round interface can be inactive when a pop up pages is active.
16/04/16 10:36
Have done this too .... Agree the change would be nice
24/04/16 05:17
You don't need to be in training to allocate points. Do it in strategy, then this can't happen.
24/04/16 21:18
Get your thumbs on a diet!!

No seriously I have done this and it bugs the life out of me!
25/04/16 00:38
hit 2 hour trainig twice in 2 days by healing and clicking next man arrow and then it hits 2 hour traing and i have to use heals cause its 5 min before champ game ..... needs a fix so back ground screen does not work when messing with players
27/04/16 13:30
I HATE doing this - totally agree it needs changing. Lost count how many unintended Intensive training sessions I've started at inappropriate times.

It tends to happen most when the pop up comes on to say "so and so have increased to xx"
27/04/16 13:44
Yeah, happens to me a lot - Dato09 has the workaround, though, apply training points in strategy.
27/04/16 13:46
Until I read this I didn't know you could! Will do from now on.
27/04/16 13:56
Keeps that horrid auto button at bay too