Don't bother upgrading your stadium past level 20

11/07/16 23:36
The fact that you only win 100 fans per win is one thing, the fact that you lose 1050 is criminal. It means that one stupid booster can wipe out 10 wins. There is no point. The new "upgrades" are stupid, they are entirely designed to take money from people who've given time and energy into this game and make the game rubbish to play. It is unfair and the reason so many people are leaving this game. Fix this or we will ALL quit.
12/07/16 09:21
The reasoning for this has already been explained a number of times elsewhere. The upgrade is not mandatory!
12/07/16 13:32
No but there is no warning and I can't downgrade. So when I upgraded there was no information to tell me that there would be only 100 fans for a win and over 1000 leaving for a loss. Your explanation also fails to consider the impact of the crazy match bonus scheme which effectively makes this 'upgrade' a downgrade. I'm not directing my anger at you Carshalton, but even you have said you're not going to upgrade your stadium. Well if I had known, I wouldn't' have either but it wasn't in the patch notes. So this is ridiculous and deeply unfair. I will be closing my account along with most of my guild but I expect to have some money back. This used to be a great game, it's now simply a device to extract money from people. Shame on subnet.
12/07/16 14:25
Arsenal, without getting drawn into a MB issue here, I DO however sympathise with your point and can assure you that us lowly mods had no insight whatsoever into what was coming. In fact I have raised the question elsewhere as to why this was not included within the upgrade dexcription when published. It was only by chance that I had blown the bank on other upgrades that I did not start the stadium upgrade myself when it was published. Unfortunately I, like you, are in the hands of the devs with this one.
12/07/16 17:49
Quit and come and join our guild frustrated quitters. Sublinet have taken the game as far as they can and are having 1 last pay day before the call it quits. I honestly don't blame them. See you all on rugby manager 3 guys
12/07/16 20:42
Yeah, I'm going to quit.
12/07/16 22:01
They have increased win fans to 200 now...but I agree the latest update leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
13/07/16 00:21
That's what your mum said
13/07/16 07:43
Ya suppose it is an acquired taste, a bit like your immature humour. You possess the lowest form of wit little boy.
13/07/16 14:05
I thought sarcasm was the lowest form of wit?? Your mum jokes are probably about the third or fourth lowest. Behind nob gags and fart noises I would have expected.

As for your little boy comment, that's not what your mum said

Oh, and I'm 6' 5", weigh almost 15 stone and I'm 43. I just have a sense of humour.