Limited time Promotional Golden Balls offer + Free Highly Rated Player

02/02/17 15:25

I have been testing to see when I purchase Golden Balls on promotion along with a Free very highly rated player - however I keep getting 1-3's; 2's and 4-5's for the past 3 days. I would really like to purchase backrow players (6-7's or 8's) and backline players (10's, 12-13's, 11-14's or 15's) but they seem not to be appearing on my profile - what is the reason for this??

Looking forward to hearing from you.
02/02/17 16:59
Dont let the number next to a player dictate which position you play him in, I played a 1-3 in the centres and a scrummy at 8 for a couple seasons, no penalty other than a funny looking lineup
02/02/17 17:52
As a prop myself I actually like to have props all over the pitch. If beer hadn't been invented we would rule the world.