Catch a wake up!

18/05/19 03:18
People are leaving this game because of ur bullshit!
18/05/19 05:23
actually game traffic is up 10%
Profits up 14%
your point is??
18/05/19 08:42
My point is everyone in my guild is talking about leaving this game smart arse because of the fucked up changes u pricks have made u stupid cunt!!!
18/05/19 09:41
1 : if you have a problem with the game i suggest you email sweetnitro service team
2 : why not name your little guild and the problems they're getting, i mean im guessing you're talking about injurys, and the fact theyre getting them because they have trained there team poorly. which suggests youre not in a good guild or one that buys many visa player, so who cares if you or your guild leaves the game??
3 : I have made no updates to the game in the last two weeks
4 : name and shame your self
18/05/19 12:26
Why can't some members make views about the game without resorting to insults, resulting in acrimony?

I am a non-visa team playing at lvl 87. 'Injuries', for me now, have become a major factor in gameplay. I had only 2 injuries throughout the whole of last season. Despite being promoted only 1 lvl - I'm having to deal with them almost in every game, particularly against visa teams.
Also, despite being on the bare minimum for aggression, I seem to be making lots of fouls, again against visas.

I understand the game is a commercial enterprise, but pushing out players who either are unwilling or simply cannot afford to plug hard cash into the game is not the answer. A better marketing strategy is......
18/05/19 12:48
Totally agree with you Peanut Butta !!!
We are a guild (les Rapidos) in which most players are between level 83 and level 88, without visa, and everybody has now 2 injured players ( for 4 days) at nearly each match by playing visa players... And also between 5 and 10 faults at each match. We tried everything to find a solution those last days, with no success, so many will stop playing very soon, some did already. ;-).
The game is only for "pay to win", no chance to fight otherwise against them anymore, even against the worst in strategy !
18/05/19 13:01
let me please be the first to say the game wont miss any les papidos team, from either of your guilds. you bring nothing to the rm world
18/05/19 14:14
Guest 4BK15N :

let me please be the first to say the game wont miss any les papidos team, from either of your guilds. you bring nothing to the rm world

How do you KNOW that? A very pompous attitude!

18/05/19 14:50
becuase they are slated and hated in all the large whats app and facebook groups and on here a few times, trust me peanut you're still in the dark over a lot of rugby manager, there is a whole bigger world of players out there outside the wall of rugga rebels
18/05/19 16:40
'Still in the dark', how nefarious.

My point - Visa teams now seem to be too overpowered. It was difficult enough taking them on a year ago, but now.....