training building is all jacked up

04/02/19 23:20
So the devs answered my ticket.. Seems they did away with the 30 min train and the train marked 8 hours will now be a 2hour train that uses less energy and still give you the same traing as if you hit the 30 min train 4 times//

what I cant seem to make them understand is that the new 2 hour train is marked as a 8 hour train and the % seem off..

so if anyone hat speaks there lingo could maybe explain it too them maybe they will fix it...

What every happened to listing all the changes when they added or did them....??

what else did they change?

05/02/19 00:56
Man you guys broke the Training Facility while I was gone??? Hahahaha
... Z ...
05/02/19 01:19
they looks the booze up in there.. was bound to happen