Why has the thread for Match Fixing been removed?

18/12/17 17:13
Dunraven Castle :

Is Glynfiddich a Welsh variant of Glenfiddich? (True pedantry!).

Yeah, I was on the john when I typed it. Now that I'm in my office and see the bottle you are correct. Glenfiddich.
18/12/17 17:14
Dunraven Castle :

Is Glynfiddich a Welsh variant of Glenfiddich? (True pedantry!).

Doh, doh, doh, doh. Excellent response!
18/12/17 19:17
As a Moderator of several years for a Premiership club’s official forum in a previous life, I do have a degree of sympathy towards the Moderators on this forum from time to time. Not very often due to their continued censoring rather than moderating, it has to be said, but occasionally.

I appreciate they do a thankless task at the best of times, and have no absolutely say in the development of the game or how the game is run. This forum is purely a means for players like us to discuss the day to day chit chat.

I do, however, disagree with the Moderators deletion of the original post, and if this engine is similar to the ones the Premiership clubs use, they could reinstate it if they chose to. However, we have since moved on and are now discussing the prospect of cheating on this thread.

Throwing an accusation of cheating around in this manner is no means for banning someone or deleting the thread. It has (so far) remained a relatively adult conversation, and the reality of match fixing is clearly evident for all to see, should they chose to.

This, to my mind, is unacceptable in the game. I appreciate this is purely a game, but then so is actual rugby. I try and look at things from a perspective of would it be allowed in the real game?? Match fixing would clearly be frowned upon and a huge investigation would be launched. People commit a lot of time and money to this game and deserve to have a semi-level playing field. As has already been mentioned, no one minds losing to a superior team or a superior strategy too much. It helps us grow.

It is probably impossible to completely outlaw match fixing on an engine like this, so it is down to the honest guys like us to highlight these potential “cheats” and hopefully encourage or embarrass them into playing the game fairly, otherwise this game will be dead to all of us within a matter of weeks.

It really is that simple.
18/12/17 19:39
Eloquently put
18/12/17 19:51
I have my moments.
20/12/17 00:24
Glenfiddich is a mediocre single malt whisky. Fixing a match is unsporting.
20/12/17 15:46
How many draws today’s did the mods count?
26/12/17 18:13
I suppose cash cows come into match fixing debate as well?
27/12/17 00:24
Oh for goodness sake, it's a game, nobody died, nothing to be seen here, move along.
Of course people will push the boundaries and will try any angle to gain an advantage.

If you are good enough you will stay in top league, if you are like me and are not yet good enough, then try harder, train more, spend more if you can afford it, One day you might make it. One if my favourite activities is watching out for the big boys to put in intensive training and then play them in a training match, cheating? Cash Cow, cheating? , changing your name to join another guild to gather information, cheating?
28/12/17 11:34
I finished 4th Instead of third this season due to match fixing
Hull fc - Sean