Wanna bring down pimps?

14/12/18 22:38
I will agree, I think the thing that makes the Pimps what they are is participation. Everybody helps everybody and plays their games. It's hard to find guilds where everybody plays, and then all of your guys play above their level. You guys have a great guild, have had one for a long time, and I don't see anyone beating you anytime soon. I am truly sorry for the way things worked out with me and the Pimps, but sometimes, things happen for a reason, and like I've said before, I owe the Pimps alot and have no ill feelings towards y'all. The words weren't meant as kind, just the truth as I see it...
15/12/18 00:11
Pack, whatever happened is in the past and we wish the best for you if you are happy where you ended up. Your guild has some great players and we expect a challenge every time.
Many guilds are getting stronger, including your new home, and we have taken notice. We will adjust accordingly
09/01/19 00:45
This is killer clouds yes I played with pack attack at 12th man before seaturkeys took over and drove it apart. Maybe pimps won't fall. Maybe they will but we will give it our best shot. Had my stay at number one but I don't pay to play I train. So I'll never stay number one.
09/01/19 02:23
Cool to see it's a friendly rivalry. Wanting to beat u all has lost some luster after wutang quit. I took great pride in beating him every chance I had as I taught him the game and he said he would never go pimps. Where did he end up. Pimps lol
10/01/19 00:45
This game is all about fun man and only Don brings out the hate mostly. There are a few guilds getting stronger and we see that and we will always try to be the guild that sets an example. I have never payed either but never poo poo on anyone who does. That's really why the game is still here.
I have made friends with teams from many other guilds and enjoy that more than this game.... best part of it for me. Still friends with Wu-Tang, was sad to see him go.
10/01/19 16:00
Ya we were friends for the longest. Sad to see him go as well he was a dedicated player and the game loses Everytime we lose a player like that
10/01/19 20:40
wait... isn't Wutang, fo-Eva? lol.
11/01/19 06:55
If so that's news to me. Glad to here he's still here....
11/01/19 06:58
I knew wutang had a smaller team and I lost track of it so that would make sense. U know what guild?
11/01/19 07:05
Oooo I feel dumb.... U were using word play cause he wasssss wutang forever..... Hahaha ya till I made it a mission to keep him behind me.... Don't think that was alot of fun for him. We had quiteeeeee the rivalary there for a year or more.