The Maddogs' Holiday OpenTournament of Fun - *** Details will be here***

24/12/18 07:53
LOL, I will play so you guys have someone to beat on.
24/12/18 14:17
I checked this morning and we are up to 16 teams already. not a bad showing for first day.
24/12/18 14:55
My thinking too Jason Lol I'm in
24/12/18 21:31
so. we have 18 teams so far. it says it will kick off once we have 32 so try to drum up more interest. I think like 7-8 of those are my guys...

reminder code is 1AABT
25/12/18 00:50
Pretty much the same amount here. I'm counting 8 so far I think
25/12/18 02:05
count is up to 22 teams. just need 10 more teams. great showing so far.

Thanks for getting the word out.
25/12/18 03:09
I don't play tournies any more but I joined so you can get things started
25/12/18 04:20
awesome. we are at 24 now.
25/12/18 05:24
i let my guild know and will give the code to any that interested
25/12/18 05:25
Sounds good. thanks.