Pimps always have open minds

13/02/19 00:45
Damnit Jammin... Share the Cookies Bro!!! I know they are those Special Cookies too so don't be greedy!!!
... Z ...
13/02/19 00:54
Only Pimps get cookies Lol
13/02/19 01:01

If you y'all want to have fun and enjoy a good laugh join THE PIMPS!

We are a group of like minded guys who like to have fun enjoy a good shit stir and each others friendly banter!
There isn't any egos here its the team first second and third!
We shoot we fish and drink good whisky not to mention the occasional cigar!
Jammin is more beer bongs and roach clips!

so if you wanna get onboard the Pimp train get on board!!!

13/02/19 01:10
LOL!! I like a good cigar. My golfing partner awhile ago would bring me a rum soaked cigar every week for our round.... he was a great man,and a good friend. =(

Yes I play golf..... shut your pie hole Lol
13/02/19 01:12
Sorry I forget to mention we play Golf!
13/02/19 01:22
Golf with Jammin? Hmmm?
Could always follow Alice Cooper's advise and make it Full Contact with a Loaded Bar!!!!
... Z ...
13/02/19 01:57
Sounds like fun Z!
13/02/19 02:15
Metalhead in Retirement...got to love it!
... Z ...
13/02/19 02:31
I want to go to your crack stash again
13/02/19 02:59
Lmao Karl.... No! I have hid it in a new place.

I love golf! Driving around in a little cart while drinking beers and beating the shit out of a little ball.And when you're empty, the cute beer cart girl shows up like an angel to give you more. Plus I have a 5 handicap =)