Whats happening to the EPL Shaun

24/12/19 18:45
Hi Shaun , First of all really enjoyed the recent GC thought your lads where brilliant top marks for effort just wondering whats happening at EPL i'm hoping it;s just a revamp and not a guild thats folding as you've gone under 20 members?

If you do want some assistance with invites or if i can help gain you some good members let me know and i'll be over with one of my 3 teams .

yours sincerely

26/12/19 11:48
Ashley just a you style readjustment.

We have also found it works well for sorting out those that no longer play. Unlike some Guilds I'm not interested in having 25 members just for the sake of it. We would rather go down to whatever but have teams that play.

Thanks for the GC bit which Guild are you ?

I don't know if you have ever found this but we have come across Guilds of 25 teams but only one or two of them are actually playing. It makes a G C a farce win 3 or 5 & its game over & if we cant do that then its time to give up
28/12/19 01:26
Rebels is my guild i run the dark destroyer and not good just better accounts in there and we've recently had a revamp ourselves after a few guys called time a few moved on to other guilds we've been really lucky to have been able to replace them with active english speaking members yes they aint the highest exactly but the guys i've recruited are very active on the heal sends. I thought we was going under as a team at one point we had talented members but nobody showing up barely now we don't have quite them skill levels we once did but what we do have is alot of committed members to the challenges who if they stick around will develop into fine players .
28/12/19 10:05
OK yes that was an interesting G C a few of ours did not play though which never helps. Meanwhile its over 24 hours now since we hit the start button for a G C & still no opponent.

Are you or anybody else for that matter having the same problem??
28/12/19 12:17
We did have that problem but it wasn't a longterm problem maybe cos you reset your guild to 0 challenge points and not many active teams with 0 challenge points to play
28/12/19 13:25
I was wondering that however its never been a problem in the past maybe time to put in a ticket to find out.

They still reply to most but wont reply to my questions about the billion plus I lost & if I slip it in with something else it gets blanked as well so need to keep just to that as for the lost billion plus I recon as they wont answer it looks like a dodgy admin guy nicked it.