Teams NOT being in a Championship.

30/06/16 16:05
What is the criteria for a team, an active team, NOT to be in a championship at the start of a season? What is the time limit for them to be "dropped", is there no allowance for people being on holiday for a few days???? This needs to be addressed as team that are disappearing without a comprehensible reason.
30/06/16 22:36
It usually only occurs if a player hasn't logged in to the game for one complete season, which is about 2 weeks +\-
01/07/16 07:44
Thanks, Mij, a team in my guild having just been promoted to Level 22 has failed to appear in a championship having not logged in for 2 days! This can not be right?
01/07/16 07:50
That's a simple one, raise a a support ticket.
01/07/16 15:38
Taff - International Lions :

That's a simple one, raise a a support ticket.

I have, Taff, in the meantime I have lost one of my stalwarts hopefully not at sea! ( He's on a cruise, lol)