The utterly complete and fully inclusive top guild rankings that is beyond debate

10/01/17 18:31
Today's ratings were collected at 1100 CST on 1/10/2017. Same rules as always applied, and as we have all agree this is a perfect rating system beyond all reproach.

1. The superguild of Lomus blueblooded arena of lions
2. Demi Maul. 330 points
3. Terra Nova 303 points
4. Webb Ellis. 303 points (tiebreaker based on most recent guild member being banned from forum loses tiebreaker, I don't make the rules I only enforce them. Oh wait, I make them too!)
5. Scrum down ruck over drink up. 129 points
6. 140k+. 99 points.

Coming soon, the top free rent inside of Webb Ellis brain rankings based off of sq ft of free rent in carn and moaners head
10/01/17 18:45
All good guilds but I want to throw a spanner in the works. The rating system is better BUT yet stall has flaws. Some bigger players are deliberately dropping in individual rankings in an effort to not lose fans therefore getting a higher guild rank and not making it on to this list.
10/01/17 19:04
I agree there are plenty that could be top that aren't but at the same time there are plenty that can't hang up top and use fans as an excuse. I'm a champ 33 usually ending my day at around 50 and I maintain full fans due to beating plenty of champ 34s. Where I'm from we have a few saying, the first is Show Me. The second is put up or shut up (meant in fun not harm). So this ranking system is for those of us that care about pushing ourselves and those that care about fans can go to the game rankings. I heard someone mention earlier that fans should be most important because of real life and dropping levels should be done. However, toulon has increased its fan base dramatically by winning against the best over the past 5 years, not by dropping down to play social clubs and not losing. There is no way for me to identify who is really the best except by highlighting those that have shown they can hang, including you bulldog
11/01/17 21:55
How can three guilds be number 1?
11/01/17 22:06
Jelly Bean :

How can three guilds be number 1?

I believe 4 guilds are number 1. Read my previous post for rationale.
13/01/17 02:31
These rankings count for nothing, I wouldn't waste yours or anyone elses time.
13/01/17 03:20
The Man from Delmonte :

These rankings count for nothing, I wouldn't waste yours or anyone elses time.

I love you too
13/01/17 04:05
I dont love you i think your a no mark.
13/01/17 04:09
We have missed you so much, things have been boring without you
13/01/17 04:29
Also, why don't you like my rankings for Webb Ellis? You guys are respectable in my rankings but barely top 40 in the fan rankings you love so dearly.